New Tweeter 1.04 revision removes dependency on PHP CURL module

We've updated the Tweeter plugin for the Concrete5 CMS  to use the Zend HTTP Client library bundled with Concrete5 for servers that don't have the PHP CURL module installed.

This finally puts the Tweeter plugin back to its otiginal usability where it had no other dependencies than Concrete5 itself. We've contributed the code additions back to the Twitter OAuth PHP library author for their appraisal and potential inclusion into the library's distribution.

The modification was required because although a user may be able to install Concrete5 on their server it doesn't mean that they are able to install PHP modules onto their server too thereby excluding them from using Tweeter through no fault of their own.

We're submitting the modded files back to the Concrete5 Marketplace and the update should be available shortly.