Lane's Bar and Restaurant, Warwick

Well the new Lane's website has gone live (as of 8pm yesterday evening, the 4th) and the initial response from people has been fantastic with wonderful comments from everyone.

Lane's is situated in Church Street, Warwick, the town centre and is ideally placed for tourists (of which Warwick has many due to its huge historic heritage), town centre workers and of course locals & regulars. With a truly tantalising lunch and dinner menu plus a huge stock of fine wines Lane's offers a friendly setting for great food & drink.

We hired Liquid Blu, one of our local design contacts, for the initial visuals for the site and Gaz Nash has done a great job for us. The masthead photography was done by us and additional photography came from one of Lane's close local contacts, Karen Massey Photography. Surefyre is providing the hosting, also.

All in all design & build went from zero to live in 11 days, including domain registration, email setup, analytics setup and server commissioning.

We wish Lane's all the best for the coming year and beyond, they're great to work with!