Our clients past & present

We've worked with many businesses over the years on end-to-end projects and as part of larger teams on very large projects. We've listed a few of them here to give you a sense of the diverse scope of work we get involved with.

We always aim to maintain a cordial yet professional relationship with our clients and we endeavour to give the best service possible whether that involves extra hours to complete a project or advising a client that there may be a better or more secure approach to a solution than they're currently aware of, even if it means Surefyre Design then no longer becomes part of implementing that solution.

Best practice is at the heart of what we produce from those simple yet important ALT tags for images right through to encrypted storage of passwords - you'd not believe the amount of unencrypted passwords still being openly stored in databases!

If you're considering using Surefyre Design for a project and becoming one of our clients then be assured we will give you our best attention and communicate with you at every step along the road to project completion.